The waves rushed in, dashing the beach,

drinking in the sand, gulping thirstily;

drawing in the seaweed, sea-shells and all they could reach.

Then they receded slowly, regrouping reluctantly.



Ebb and flow…

The waves move, relentless

in their strife to grow

and yet, quite mindless!



Seagulls sweep in to examine

the bounty littered on the sand.

They pick, they nibble, they forage the shoreline

before they continue their winged way with wind.



Ebb and flow…

Dawn breaks then the sun sets.

Soon the moon will glow,

time to pull in the nets.



The water ripples and gathers the clan.

Bursting with pride, it crests

oh, so high, according to plan

with medals pinned to its breasts!



Ebb and flow…

Like the waves, time keeps moving:

fast or slow

but never stopping.



Time teases you with a Spring’s morning

and feeds you Summer’s ripening fruit.

Just watch out for the Autumn leaves falling

to herald the Winter of gloom and short daylight!



Ebb and flow…

Life is about change, really!

The winds of change will blow.

Flow with time, like the waves, surely.



As much a part of Nature as the waves,

you exist, you live with each ebb and flow.

Nature creates, it sustains, it saves;

just flow with it, each high and each low.



Ebb and flow…

Don’t fight it, simply float…

(but watch out for the undertow!)

The waves of time will carry you, like a boat.



The meaning of Life is no mystery:

it is to survive, to stay alive!

It’s all been done before; why, it’s written in history!

Live each day, each moment, despite the pain and strife.



Ebb and flow…

Even the highest mountain, friend,

blow by slow blow

will eventually be reduced to sand!



Be like the waves: joyous in creation,

bubbling with action and delight.

Though receding, still in motion,

yet cresting again to catch the sunlight.



Ebb and flow…

Run on the beach of your life:

like the waves, grow

and into the waters of life, dive!



Ebb and flow.