Climate change

“Climate change is real. When you go out there and you stand, fighting a bushfire — you just realise something is wrong. Something has changed.” — Danny Ward, Firefighter

Join us in showing your concern, and your support for climate action this Sunday, November 17.

17 thoughts on “Climate change

  1. I’ll be at the rally tomorrow at the Cairns Lagoon.

  2. People realize climate change when they become victims to its effects.

    • This was the message from Yeb:
      “Go, and let the call for climate action reverberate around the world.”
      – Philippines delegate at UN Climate Negotiations in Poland, Yeb Sano

  3. If humans are not careful Mother Earth will turn to Mars. Lifeless.

  4. Reblogged this on Eye Ken See and commented:
    Climate Change – it is serious!

  5. Time for us all to be counted among those who care about the future.

  6. The problem is no one is willing to give up any convenience or make any sacrifice in order to make a difference,

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