The Space Between the Words


Now you have gone into that space
Beyond language

You have gone into the pauses in our conversation
The time beyond time and time within time

You are in those moments when we sit in the audience
Waiting for the curtain to rise

And the end when the curtain has closed
And the actors have taken their bows

You are within the pauses of the bird’s song
When we strain to hear the next note

In the water between the fish
In the traveler’s silence within a foreign language

You are in the air that fills the sky
In the moments after the sunset

You are between night and day
Spirit next to soul

You are in the space between the words
The moment before the artist picks up her brush


by Vicky Lettmann

20 thoughts on “The Space Between the Words

  1. In between…. I call it. lovely.

  2. Exactly! So beautifully written – thanks for sharing this 🙂

  3. oh, thank you!

  4. Yes, it’s lovely.

  5. I completely understand the traveller’s silence within the foreign language =) I am beginning to understand more now, but there were so many days in the past where i would just sit and daydream at the dining table….

  6. I do not know which is more beautiful, the verse or the photo. Surely, both.

  7. Wow this is absolutely beautiful – so powerful – that feeling of suspended animation these words invoke. And that photo is just divine! : )))

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