Hakamada Iwao


Hakamada Iwao

After 45 years on death row in Japan, 77-year-old Hakamada Iwao is the world’s longest-serving death row prisoner. He suffers poor mental and physical health due to his confinement and the fear of execution.

But there is hope – a potential retrial.

We need to act quickly. The Shizuoka District Court has granted a hearing on 16 December 2013 to decide whether Hakamada is to be granted a retrial. Stand with Hakamada and all those currently on death row and show the Japanese courts that there is international support for a retrial.

Let’s sign a petition calling on Japan’s Prosecutor-General to grant a stay of execution and a retrial: http://www.amnesty.org.au/action/action/32959/

Thank you.


11 thoughts on “Hakamada Iwao

  1. What was his crime?

    • ‘In 1966, following an unfair trial, the former factory worker was convicted of the murder of a factory boss and his family. After 20 days of intense interrogation by police without a lawyer present, Hakamada “confessed” to the crime. He later retracted it, testifying during his trial that police had beaten and threatened him into signing the confession.

      Hakamada remains on death row despite numerous appeals and a 2007 public statement from one of the trial judges who said he believed Hakamada to be innocent.’

  2. I will look forward to a follow up post, hope he is freed. How horrible!

  3. Signed. So sadly pathetic that it took this long for a retrial. Thank you for posting this.

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