3 thoughts on “Human Rights

  1. It’s nice to discuss, blog, and otherwise communicate on such issues. The fact of the matter is these concepts exist only in theory, or are fabricated through “laws” and “declarations” that are invoked as a matter of political expedience. The existence of the Human Species determines the de facto rights of the Species. Every government and religion, including the U.N., throughout the span of history has sought to control human rights and how those rights are exercised. Often times no actions at all are taken to protect even the right to life, i.e. Syria, Africa, Afghanistan (ad infinitum), because political protocols take precedence over human suffering. The proper discussion should address why we have been so incapable of living together as Human Beings.

  2. The many distractions, illusions, addictions, that hold so many hostage. There is no freedom, until we are no longer lead by the senses. The illusion we are free to choose seems real. When the body is screaming, and we give it what it wants, not what it needs, we are not free. Feeling helpless, powerless to do anything else, we keep feeding the machine because we are unaware, the strength to do something different is within.
    When will we notice, it is our heart that calls out for nourishment, but all we give it is junk. We have forgotten what is actually good for us. And what I give to myself, I give to others. When I don’t think whether its good for me, I question not whether its good for you.. In the dark, I do not see, only feel…bad.There cannot be peace in the world, until there is peace in my own heart… where everything starts.

  3. You are right. There is too much suffering, and most of it goes unseen and unheard. Those in authority speak with suitable solemnity; sometime they almost convince me they believe what they’re saying. But they have been well rehearsed, so much so that they even convince themselves, especially when they see and hear their recorded snippets. Sadly, like Jimmy Saville and all the others – wherever and whomsoever they be – they fool most of the people for most of the time. It’s as well that not all of us are fooled all of the time.

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