Paul Simon

It’s actually very difficult to make something both simple and good.

– Paul Simon



born in Newark Heights, New Jersey, The United States,  October 13, 1941

gender: male
Paul Frederic Simon is a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter and musician. Simon is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, both as half of the folk-singing duo Simon and Garfunkel and as a solo artist. In 2006, Time magazine called him one of the 100 “people who shape our world.” As of 2007, he resides in New Canaan, Connecticut.

5 thoughts on “Paul Simon

  1. October 13, 1941: Happy 72nd birthday, Paul Simon! The legendary American singer-songwriter has also written a screenplay, for the 1980 film One Trick Pony.

  2. I and devoted S & G fan.

  3. I am not familiar with Paul but I am sure he is good.

  4. Another long time fan here – thanks for the post!

  5. Bridge Over Troubled Water is one of my favorites.

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