Harold Pinter

I hate brandy…it stinks of modern literature.

– Harold Pinter



born in Hackney, London, The United Kingdom,  October 10, 1930


died: December 24, 2008


gender: male




influences; Samuel Beckett, Luis Buñuel, Franz Kafka, Wilfred Owen, Marcel Proust,…more


Harold Pinter, CH, CBE, was an English playwright, screenwriter, actor, director, political activist and poet. He was one of the most influential playwrights of modern times. In 2005 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

After publishing poetry and acting in school plays as a teenager in London, Pinter began his professional theatrical career in 1951, touring throughout Ireland. From 1952, he acted in repertory companies throughout England for about a dozen years, using the stage name David Baron in the late 1950s. Beginning with his first play, The Room (1957), Pinter’s writing career spanned over 50 years and produced 29 original stage plays, 27 screenplays, many dramatic sketches, radio and TV plays, poetry, one novel, short fict…more


3 thoughts on “Harold Pinter

  1. Wow, interesting influences he had. I didn’t know he won the Nobel Prize for lit. Going to make a mental note to visit a book of his in the library. 🙂

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