Plastic surgery

‘A 14-year-old Australian girl competing in a talent contest has been told that she should have plastic surgery to get ahead. Shimali De Silva was competing in a Korean pop contest when she was given a consultation with a surgeon who told her: “You’re 14, but you look 30″.

Shimali told a local newspaper: “I was trying not to be affected by it, but as a 14-year-old, people tell you that the way you look is important if you want to break into this industry; that sunk in and I started tearing up.” ‘

9 thoughts on “Plastic surgery

  1. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!!

  2. Crazy. And quite stupid. Beautiful child.

  3. Sounds like he just wants some business and doesn’t care how he gets it. 🙂

  4. why the surprise, every ten year old in the developed world has a mobile sex library in the hand

  5. That’s just WRONG!

  6. She’s beautiful as-is. Horrible crazy message! Thanks for posting. Paulette

  7. Hey, Shimali ! You’re beautiful and don’t you buy into this insanity!

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