6 thoughts on “I know you care

  1. I also care. And because I KNOW you care as well, I implore you: the system is manipulating you.
    I was raised by one of those manipulators, cheaters, so I now how they are playing everyone.

    Part of my blog:


    Don’t negotiate

    the machine is there to roll
    to take its unholy toll
    to make you victim or evil

    in both ways you’re owned
    locked and imprisoned
    in your very own free will

    your virtue is but a whore
    your peace is but a war
    your alms are washed ashore
    on the land of hate

    build a new system on love
    don’t negotiate

    Also, please see latest:
    “Mainstreaming the truth: a democratic survival guide to the planet”

  2. Not an easy watch but yes, must see. We can’t turn a blind eye to children being killed. When will the madness end!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing.

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