Remember Locky?

Ela –

My family and I are completely overwhelmed and tremendously grateful for all the support we’ve received.

So far more than 350,000 people have signed our petition. It is just incredible.

After my son Locky appeared on The Today Show wearing a Hawks scarf, his beloved team jumped on board to support us. It brought huge smiles to the Auden household during this difficult time.

We’ve just heard that tonight we will be on Channel 10’s The Project. Please tune in and watch.

We have so much momentum – but as yet no movement from the drug companies.

Please keep sharing the petition so that numbers continue to grow – we are still hopeful that we can win this.
Keeping our campaign in the media and growing numbers on the petition will hopefully pressure the drug companies to see sense and give Nick the treatment he desperately needs.

Thanks for your ongoing support, it means so much.




3 thoughts on “Remember Locky?

  1. Come on drug company! Why not be a hero and do something to save a man’s life??????????????

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