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Fear, like deadly poison, destroys hope!
Every single thing, it makes you doubt
What you’ve hung on to before, like to a safety rope.
Hang on!… I know the solution – the antidote!

Hang on to the rope!
Hang on to the hope!

Yes, ‘shit happens’, evil thrives and ‘9/11’ did happen;
Just read the papers or turn on the TV News
If you didn’t know or have forgotten.
Hope suffocated for at least twelve dreary years!

Hang on to the rope!
Hang on to the hope!

Guess what?…it is now the year 2013  –
On the twelveth anniversary of ‘9/11’, let’s herald in a change:
Open your hearts and let you and me to hope, return.
Embrace compassion and empathy and let hope refresh and rearrange.

Hang on to the rope!
Hang on to the hope!

Go ahead, curse the darkness of fear
But don’t forget to light the candle of hope
To illuminate minds and consciences far and near.
Give fear its marching papers: ‘GO ON -HOP!’

Hang on to the rope!
Hang on to the hope!

My fellow homo sapiens, from today, let no cry for HELP
Go unheard or be allowed to be ignored
By any thinking being who isn’t a vegetable, a kelp.
So, hang on a little longer, hope’s tyres have already hit the road.

Hang on to the rope!
Hang on to the hope!

Sisters and brothers, remember:
For fear, hope is the universal, undoubted antidote.
Hope, like love, vigilantly fights fear
Until it is reduced to dust, just a mote!

Hang on to the rope!
Hang on to the hope!

It is true – hope can eliminate, totally eradicate fear!
So, please hang on, hang on!
The sisterhood of hope will gradually and surely wear
Fear down to nought…so, hang on!

Hang on to the rope!
Hang on to the hope!
Hope on!
Hang on!
Hope on!





16 thoughts on “HOPE v FEAR

  1. For Eli, with love! (。◕‿◕。)

  2. mats lundin

    Yes, hope does conquer fear.

  3. Faith, hope and charity….

  4. I like the look of your new theme. 🙂

  5. To Gita and Paulette.
    To all sisters of my Heart:

    • You are my sisters, and I love you.
      Eli: We rescued a dog, a beautiful chocolate lab named Eli, a little over a year ago. It was love at first site when we saw him suffering on a cold concrete slab in a kill shelter, on the to-be-euthanized list for the next day or two. He was 12 when we took him home and lived for another 10 months with us. In that time he showed us what being alive, living in the moment, despite the hand he was dealt physically, ( a cancer growing in his belly), and what I learned from him was this: nothing defines my life but me and how I meet my days. The light lives in our hearts, in the hearts of every living things, it’s life, precious and dear, moment to moment. I am at an age in my life where I have less years ahead of me than behind me, sometimes I feel it’s living like Eli did in his last days for I don’t know when my days will end. But while I’m here, while my eyes see, while my ears still hear, my nose smells, my fingers can feel things, I want to embrace every bit of life that I can with an attitude that I can walk through whatever the hand is that I’m dealt without fear or anxiety, that I can embrace my pain: physically and emotionally, that I can receive the love that comes to me, and I can watch and tend to my mental state and do my best to rise above depression, anger, etc. Yes, you are my sister and I love you. Always!

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