A Solution for Syria

6178_solution for syria_1_460x230-1

Just weeks ago the kids in this image were gassed to death in their sleep but it feels the world has forgotten them and got stuck in a debate between US strikes or doing nothing. Now there is a glimmer of hope for a peaceful way to stop these massacres.

Syria’s bloody war has been fuelled by rivalry between Iran, Assad’s main backer, and the US and their allies. But this vile chemical attack has changed their discourse: Iran’s new moderate president condemned the gassing and Obama signalled he’d work with “anybody” to resolve the conflict. Let’s urgently call on both leaders to sit down to talks and bring the warring parties together before any more lives are lost.

Right now, the global drums of war are beating over Syria, but if enough of us make sure Rouhani and Obama know the world wants bold diplomacy, we could end the nightmare for thousands of terrified Syrian children under threat of new gas attacks. We have no time to lose. Join this urgent call now — when we reach one million signers we will deliver the petition directly to the two presidents.

I’ve just signed this important petition at Avaaz.org calling on the presidents of Iran and the USA to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Join me in this campaign here: http://www.avaaz.org/en/solution_for_syria_loc_rb/?email


9 thoughts on “A Solution for Syria

  1. yes.

  2. done. The other day, I was watching the after effect of spraying in Vietnam of Agent Orange by USofA 40 years ago. There are so many deformed children born. Let USofA remember what they did to Vietnam.

  3. I agree. I signed the petition a few days ago. The only people to benefit from a war are the weapons’ manufacturers. America has already brought death and destruction to so many, including its own troops; time for the slaughter to stop – full stop.

  4. Governments should take the sanest decision: stop the war.

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