14 thoughts on “NOT FOR SALE

  1. 11-Year-old Yemeni girl, Nada Al-Ahdal, flees home to avoid forced marriage. 😦

  2. Some cultures still stick to old traditions.

  3. I can’t “like” this. Sometimes when we “hear” or “read” things like this, it is very unreal to us. Thank you for the awareness. This child’s emotional speech is powerful.

  4. Very intelligent and brave young lady. Sometimes you have to fight for your dreams even as a child. She will go far in following her dreams.

  5. When will we humans ever learn? No one, not one single human belongs to another. We are merely blessed to sit in one another’s shade.

    Big hug and thanks for sharing this.


  6. Gaby Grammeno

    Thanks so much for this. Could you help to publicise another outrage thanks to traditional values – women banned from 77 uni courses in Iran (as of 2 months ago) and barred from standing for political office in the last election – see
    Thank you,

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