Pet therapy


We’ve heard of the many benefits that pets can have on our overall
physical and emotional health. One little benefit we don’t hear
about as much is the fact that by using pet therapy, those with
diabetes can live longer, much healthier lives.

Does pet therapy really work for diabetes? Studies show that by
petting some of these animals, you can reduce anxious feelings that
stress causes, lower your blood pressure and improve your overall
general health.

They also make for excellent companions to your exercise routine.
It’s documented that dogs have helped their diabetic owners lower
their blood sugar levels and lessen their cardiovascular problems.

Although dogs have been reported to work these wonders with their
owners, they aren’t a magical breed of animal. They’re not going to
make the condition go away. You still have to watch your diet, take
the appropriate medications and follow your doctor’s orders.

They can, however, help lower your stress levels, which have a
direct effect on your blood sugar. Having that loyal companion by
your side who doesn’t talk back to you or nag you about what you’re
doing means a lot when it comes to your diabetic therapy.

Keeping stress levels down increases your chances of controlling
the condition without having to resort to insulin injections. In
some amazing cases, dogs have been trained to be in tune with their
owner’s medical conditions.

Some dogs can recognize warning signs that their diabetic owner may
be close to having a diabetic seizure and will do what they’re
trained to do to get them the help they need right away. Without
that help, someone living alone could end up in a diabetic coma or
worse – death!

Theses pets can also be trained to carry items or fetch things for
their owners. Those who have trouble walking may rely on their
pets to go to another room to get an item they need. The owner,
without a trained pet like this, could start off on their own and
fall – injuring themselves.

Pet therapy for those with diabetic conditions can be helpful and
should be utilized as much as possible. It’s important to remember
that even though they can lessen some of the harmful effects
diabetes places on you, it should not replace your normal diabetic
treatments. Continue to follow your physician’s orders but
complement that with the love and health benefits a pet has to

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13 thoughts on “Pet therapy

  1. Our pet, Tara keeps us on our toes! 🙂

  2. Of course, I love this post and the photos of your beautiful Tara. Still can’t believe how much she’s grown. It really shows in photos of her with Matts. I remember the tinier little one (well… maybe tiny isn’t quite the right word, BOL) in earlier photos. wag wag auntie paw

  3. Pawesome Post! Wooooowoooooo, Ku

  4. Ela. this is good information and all so true. Nice pic of Tara. Gorgeous dog.

  5. Awooooosome, Tara. You are no longer a baby but I will remember just the same. Is that your mailing address?

  6. Pets are good therapy for just about everything under the sun!!

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