A smile is a curve…

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

– Phyllis Diller


born in Lima, Ohio, The United States July 17, 1917
died: August 20, 2012
gender: female
genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Home & Garden, Humor

Phyllis Diller was a Golden Globe-nominated American comedienne considered to be one of the pioneers of female stand-up comedy. She created a stage character persona that was a wild-haired, eccentrically-dressed housewife who made jokes about a fictional husband named “Fang” while smoking from a long cigarette holder. Another distinct characteristic is her cackling laugh, one of the best-recognized in comedy.

Diller is given credit for opening the doors for the stand-up comedy field to women such as Rita Rudner, Totie Fields, Joan Rivers, Lily Tomlin, Sandra Bernhard, Joy Behar, Rosie O’Donnell and Roseanne Barr.



11 thoughts on “A smile is a curve…

  1. July 17, 1917: Comedian Phyllis Diller was born 96 years ago today.

  2. Smiling at you 😛

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