Amnesty International Australia

Dear Ela,

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of human rights abuses around the world. But in the last 40 days, we’ve achieved some extraordinary things together.

Your actions can and DO make a difference. So take a moment to learn about the people whose lives have changed for the better, because of people like you.



22 year-old Beatriz was pregnant, severely ill, and carrying a baby unlikely to survive birth. But her government was preventing doctors from performing the abortion needed to save her life. Finally, international pressure meant Beatriz was allowed an emergency C-Section.



Amnesty supporters have long campaigned for an end to offshore processing of asylum seekers – especially for families with kids. On World Refugee Day, authorities finally began moving children and their parents, who’d been living in terrible conditions on Manus Island, to the Australian mainland.



It might surprise you that sex is actually a spectrum, and that people can be born with a mixture of both male and female biology. These people are ‘intersex’. In a world-first, Australia recently changed the laws to make sure that our intersex population (estimated at around 230,000) is protected from discrimination.



For four years, the Rahavan family had been held in Villawood Detention centre, despite having been found to be genuine refugees. Their youngest child, born in detention, had only known life behind razor wire. Until three weeks ago, when the family was finally set free.



Let’s keep our flame burning bright!
You will have heard that Egypt is in political turmoil. You may not have heard that the instability has contributed to an alarming spike in cases of rape and sexual assault.

10 days ago, a young year-old female journalist was reportedly gang raped by five men in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Since then, dozens more women have reported being raped or sexually assaulted.

This must stop. Take action now to support the women, condemn the violence, and demand that the attackers be held accountable.

Thank you.

Claire Mallinson
National Director
Amnesty International Australia


3 thoughts on “Amnesty International Australia

  1. Change happens! (。◕‿◕。)

  2. It’s so wonderful to read things like this. You go girl, go! wag wag to Tarra. 🙂

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