Killed for going to school


Militants shot Malala in the head outside her school last year to try to shut her up. But they failed. This week she’ll spend her 16th birthday meeting the UN Secretary General, and we can help her win her fight for girls’ education.

I’ve just signed her campaign, will you join in so Malala has 1 million people at her back when she gets up to speak on Friday?



Reductions in Aid Jeopardise Schooling for Millions of Children (Huffington post)

Drop in aid for primary schools puts education MDG at risk (The Guardian)

Poorly-educated worst off in economic crisis (EU observer)

Malala’s global voice stronger than ever (CNN)

Education For All Global Monitoring Report (UNESCO)

The Youth Resolution: The Education We Want

Gordon Brown: Malalaโ€™s Fight for Girlsโ€™ Education in Pakistan Continues (The Daily Beast)


9 thoughts on “Killed for going to school

  1. Please help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. will do! That’s a touching photo…

  3. Signed. Thank Goodness she lived! Thanks, Ela.

  4. I am proud to sign it and thank you for the oppertunity!

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