Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg before it is broken.

M.F.K. Fisher


born in Albion, Michigan, The United States July 03, 1908
died: July 22, 1992
gender: female
genre: Cooking, Food & Wine, Travel

Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher was a prolific and well-respected writer, writing more than 20 books during her lifetime and also publishing two volumes of journals and correspondence shortly before her death in 1992. Her first book, Serve it Forth, was published in 1937. Her books deal primarily with food, considering it from many aspects: preparation, natural history, culture, and philosophy. Fisher believed that eating well was just one of the “arts of life” and explored the art of living as a secondary theme in her writing. Her style and pacing are noted elements of her short stories and essays.


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  1. July 3, 1908: M.F.K. Fisher was born in Michigan, 105 years ago today.

  2. I love the look in to writer’s lives.

  3. Ela, I agree, used to be I just read the book the author wrote, not really understanding or even caring for the author as a person. But years ago, Steven King was almost killed by a hit and run driver. King is one of my most favorite authors, and it was because of that accident I started paying attention the authors I like, and those I find out about. Thanks – Bill

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