Nothing is changed

“Nothing is changed, except
there was a moment when

the wolf, the mongering wolf
who stands outside the self

lay lightly down, and slept.”
― Maxine Kumin

images-63 Photo from Wilipedia


13 thoughts on “Nothing is changed

  1. I have to think about this.

  2. I feel I’m reaching the moment where my mongering wolf will lay down and stop riling at the forces around him…

  3. I don’t get it. Going to join you and Seeker and think about it, which is probably not the point at all, lol.

    • No, the point is to think about it! 😆 I think, it is like Ghia and Pam said, it is when our inhibitions go to sleep that change can happen.
      Also like Kahlil Gibran said: ‘Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth”! 😀

  4. When we come into the world, we come here wild and free and this is taken from us by being tamed from our parents, siblings, peers and society. We loose our child like behavior. The real self yearns for the child like behavior. Instead we form to the way others think, believe and do. We identify with the world outside ourselves. We forget our true being of love and live from fear until we learn that fear is keeping us from knowing our true self. Only when we learn about our true self can we begin to practice laying aside the mongering wolf that we identify with. And eventually the mongering wolf will have no affect on you.

  5. Other than the fact that wolves are always being blamed for being the “other” we fear, can’t control, wish to destroy – oh, bother – I still don’t like this quote.

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