Authorities in Zimbabwe say that a suspected poacher was killed by an elephant after he attempted to shoot the animal.

Rangers found the body of Solomon Manjoro inside a national park, and believe he was attempting to poach in the protected Charara safari area. According to Zimbabwe’s Sunday Mail, Manjoro and an accomplice entered the park in mid-to-late April, with plans to hunt elephants for their ivory.

However, things didn’t go as planned for the poachers.

The Sunday Mail reports, ”The poacher was recently trampled to death by an elephant after he failed to gun down the jumbo during a hunting expedition.”


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18 thoughts on “Authorities…

  1. Elephantant-poaching is vile! 😦

  2. i may sound cruel – but i say good job Mr/Ms Elephant!

  3. Self-defence stands up in a court of law…

  4. We should not mess up with their kingdom.

  5. I’m sorry to say that I’m not as sorry for the loss of this life as I should maybe be.
    Poachers are decimating African wildlife. Time that animals start fighting back!!

  6. Gita, soft smile, there is justice in this world after all. Clearly this is a case of self-defense. Thanks for sharing the story. — Bill

    • Hi, Bill! You are right, it is self-defence but I do feel a little bad for the poacher, he was probably a poor peasant grubbing a living together. the real culprits are the ivory traders and buyers…

  7. Reblogged this on Cosmic Loti and commented:
    Instant Karma? ;~)

  8. Soz, shouldn’t rejoice at such things… but way to go that elephant! 😀

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