A seemingly harmless…

A seemingly harmless US Cheerios ad has become a talking point because it features a mix-race family. YouTube comments on the ad had to be disabled last week amid negative comments making reference to “racial genocide” and Nazis. The ad – which was posted at the end of May and has already received almost two million views – features a little girl who is asking her mother about the nutritional benefits of the cereal.



11 thoughts on “A seemingly harmless…

  1. How that commercial caused such an up roar is mind blowing! Seriously when are people going to just view every person as one. We are all the same just wearing a different shell.

  2. I actually emailed Cherrios last week, thanked them and asked them not to back down. The level of hatred by some people is frightening.

  3. What a cute commercial! Let’s see how strong this company is, will they cave or take the risk. I believe Cherrios has an opportunity to help be the change. The decision will probably come to the all mighty dollar. Our fear shows up in many forms. 😦

  4. To boost sales, surely but doing some good, perhaps by the resultant debate. 🙂

  5. Uh, look around, before long we will all be blended colors. More power to love without seeing color! Great commercial! 🙂

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