Reconciliation Australia

Yesterday, 27/5/13 was the start of Reconciliation Week, 2013. There was a concert at the Esplanade with the band Last Kinection.


The 2 singers are Joel and Naomi, my friend, Debbie’s kids. (Deb is also in a band, Reggae Bliss)

IMG_0367The lagoon, adorned with tourists.

IMG_0371 images-61ABC TV interviewing Gail Mabo, daughter of the celebrated lands right activist Eddie Mabo. For more info, see:‎

IMG_0366Tara was ready to go home!



9 thoughts on “Reconciliation Australia

  1. Lovely post. Great photos. Tara looks so sweet!

  2. How did I miss this one? Wonderful photos. Looks like a great time. Special rubbies to Tara and hugs to you and Matts.

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