‘Indigenous footballer, Adam Goodes says that racism in Australia was given a face and a name this week. And that face was a 13-year-old girl.

The teenage Collingwood fan was at the MCG on Friday evening, watching her beloved Pies lose to the Sydney Swans. The match was part of the annual Indigenous round, through which the AFL acknowledges the amazing contribution that Aboriginal players make to the game.

13-year-old, Jessica*, frustrated and angry at her team’s poor play, yelled out at Adam Goodes, calling him an ‘ape’. Goodes turned around, visibly shocked and upset at this racially charged abuse, and watched as the girl was ejected from the stadium by security.’


5 thoughts on “Reconciliation

  1. It seems that reconciliation is but a dream while racism abounds! 😦

  2. We must remember none of us were born to hate and to treat each other unkindly. The young 13 year old teen was acting from her own pain and I believe has learned behavior from others. I’m not excusing her behavior. Adam Goodes took what she said personally and therefor identified with her words. A movie I would highly recommend seeing is “42” the story of Jackie Robinson, American baseball player who was the first African American to play Major League Baseball. There are so many gifts to receive from this movie. There is a scene of a young boy who wants to think differently although his belief is he can’t because of fear. “42” is absolutely a beautiful story of courage, change, becoming your own hero, compassion, surrender, faith, trust, and hope. You’ll want to clap, cry, clap and cry some more.

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