We’ve got ’em…

We’ve got ’em on the run — after our campaign caused a media storm in H&M’s home country Sweden, they’ve signed the Bangladesh worker safety agreement!!!

But GAP’s digging in their heels. If they don’t sign, many US companies could follow suit. Their shareholder meeting is in 24 hours and the pressure’s building – let’s take this right to CEO Glenn Murphy’s door with phone calls, a massive petition delivery and ads in his hometown!


Here is the original email:

Dear friends,

Hundreds of Bangladeshi women have been burned or crushed to death while making *our* clothes! In days, major fashion companies could sign an agreement that will either be a strong safety code or a weak PR ploy. If 1 million of us get the CEOs of GAP and H&M to back a life-saving code, the rest will follow: Â

We’ve all seen the horrific images of hundreds of innocent women burned or crushed to death in factories while making our clothes. In the next few days we can get companies to stop it happening again.

Big fashion brands source from hundreds of factories in Bangladesh. Two brands, including Calvin Klein, have signed a very strong building and fire safety pact. Others, led by Wal-Mart, have been trying to wriggle out of signing by creating a weak alternative that was pure PR. But the latest disaster has triggered crisis meetings and massive pressure to sign the strong version that can save lives.

Negotiations end in days. GAP and H&M are most likely to flip first to support a strong agreement, and the best way to press them is to go after their CEOs. If one million of us appeal directly to them in a petition, Facebook pages, tweets, and ads, their friends and families will all hear about it. They’ll know that their own and their companies’ reputations are on the line. People are being forced to make *our* clothing in outrageously dangerous buildings — sign on to make them safe, and forward this email widely:


The recent tragic collapse fits a pattern. In the last few years, fires and other disasters have claimed a thousand lives and left many others too injured to work. Bangladesh’s government turns a blind eye to dismal conditions, allowing suppliers to cut costs to make clothes at a pace and price that global fashion giants expect. The big brands say they check up, but workers say the companies’ own audits can’t be trusted.

The worker-backed safety agreement calls for independent inspections, public reports about supplier factory conditions, and mandatory repairs. It’s even enforceable in courts of the companies’ home countries! Full details of which companies were buying from the factory that collapsed weeks ago aren’t yet known, and there’s no evidence GAP or H&M did so. But workers have died in other GAP and H&M supplier factories in Bangladesh and getting them onboard now would put tremendous pressure on other companies to follow.

The companies are making up their minds right now. Let’s call on the CEOs of GAP and H&M to lead the industry by signing the safety plan. Sign your name then share this email widely — once we reach 1 million we’ll take out ads that they can’t miss:


Time and time again, Avaaz members have come together to fight corporate greed and support human rights. Last year, we helped 100 Indian workers safely return home when a Bahraini corporation refused to let them leave. Let’s now take a stand to stop the deadly race to the bottom in factory safety.

With hope and determination,

Jamie, Jeremy, Alice, Alex, Laura, Bissan, Ricken, Richard and the rest of the Avaaz Team

PS – Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community! Start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/start_a_petition/?bgMYedb&v=23917


Public Outrage Over Factory Conditions Spurs Labor Deal (The New York Times)

Petition Demands Gap, H&M Sign Bangladesh Safety Plan (Bloomberg)

H&M approves safety standards for Bangladesh factories (AP)

Wal-Mart, Gap skirt the issue (Los Angeles Times)


Photo from BBC Asia News


3 thoughts on “We’ve got ’em…

  1. Please urge GAP not to kill the golden goose! 🙂

  2. I posted on my facebook page as well as on Gap, Old Navy, and H&M pages too. I tweeted the same. I signed the petition and wrote the letters. Thank you once again for bringing something of extreme importance to my attention. You are the best!!!

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