Violence & Silence


10 thoughts on “Violence & Silence

  1. Thisis a great talk on prevention of gender-based violence. 🙂

  2. I like that he said it was men issues.

  3. Many times I wondered why someone stays in a relationship with another who physically or verbally abuses them. The answer is self rejection, the other person is mirroring back their own belief of unworthiness. We can be our own worst enemy. Also when one chooses physical harm and or verbal abuse toward another, that person has rejected them self as well. Our natural state (true being) never harms another or ourselves in any way.
    I do believe we must educate and help others and ourselves. All of our emotional pain stems from childhood. In any given moment one is either thinking, feeling and acting from love or fear (from our higher consciousness or lower consciousness). We can break the silence by learning and wanting change within and sharing what we’ve learned. I’ve learned it’s not about calling the other person out or pointing the finger but help the other see their judgment, their action and where it’s coming from, which is their belief. None of us were born bullies or victims.

    • I agree, a lot of conditioning occurs in childhood and dictates our adult reactions and relationships. Until we question it, our behaviour will not change.
      Thanks for your helpful input. 🙂

  4. Really good speech. Covers the whole array, thankfully.

  5. Echoes what the children at the forum discussed.

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