Stop bullying


14 thoughts on “Stop bullying

  1. Bullying is bad for both the bullied and the bully. 🙂

  2. You really have the feeling that this sweet and beautiful student is going to make it. What a lot of potential that is being wasted. I hope you/we learn of the followup.
    Bullying doesn’t only come to kids. I went to a senior center…played some cards. There was so much bullying by old F–TS there. I finally quit going.

  3. I’ve seen how bullying comes in many forms. I believe if we want to stop bullying, we must first look within. People bully because of emotional pain. When someone is feeling emotional pain, they don’t want to be the only ones. I’ve been bullied as a child and I’ve bullied. This is a learned behavior. Speaking unkind words about another, gossiping and believing one is better than another is bullying. This continues in my family. This is a pattern that has been passed down from generations. I’m grateful for the person whose helped me see this behavior within myself. I’ve learned when the behavior is constantly fed the behavior grows stronger and this takes time to stop the behavior. Bullying is an addiction and wants to be fed like all addictions. When the bullying behavior hasn’t been fed, it will find a way to get relief. Feeling is the key to help stop the behavior. One must be willing to feel and then uncover what they are thinking and believing. Those who bully aren’t aware of their feelings (think and react). Thought, feeling and action. Thought always come first.

  4. I attended a forum of students yesterday at work and listen to their experiences. I told them I will write about it. 😛

  5. Reblogged this on A Path To Recovery and commented:
    Wow! What a wonderful boy, so full of courage! This is a wonderful video and I encourage everyone to reblog it. My son tried to stop someone from getting bullied in his class once and the teacher yelled at my son for talking in class. My son recognized this site immediately it’s called Stop Bullying Speak Up from Cartoon Network. I urge everyone to check it out and talk about it!

    • Thanks for the reblog and you’re right, this an important issue and needs to be spread far and wide. “D

      • It really does, my son tells me about kids being bullied in his school and it is being addressed but the one day he tried to help and the teacher yelled at him for talking during class. We called the school later and explained the situation and the teacher apologized to us and to my son. He is in 6th grade and he said bullying is “Uncool”…when I went to school there was no protection, my sister was one of the biggest bullies and everyone was afraid of her. It was cool to bully when I was a kid, I’m 36 now and things have changed, a school yard fight or a threat in the hallway leads to an arrest. Nothing is taken for grantide in the school district I grew up in now a days. I wish more schools would catch up with this. It begins with people speak out against bullying. Thank you for posting it.

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