‘A group of students studying Women and Gender Studies class at the University of Saskatchewan created the following video to highlight just how inaccurate – and arguably damaging – stereotypes in advertising are.’


9 thoughts on “Advertising-gender-roles

  1. What do you think about how women and men are portrayed in advertising?

  2. The impact this has on girls & women has ripple effects that we could talk about for hours, days… Very sorrowful how $$$ controls image and impacts on self-esteem and lives.

  3. All I can say, is this, too, reminds me of the final days of the Roman Empire…LOL

    • I like the implication that this is the dying throes of a demeaning advertising culture. πŸ˜†

      • I hope so – I’ve worked hard to strip as much advertising as I can from my daily life – in fact, I’ve been ‘away’ for so long, I couldn’t even finish the video – I was getting slightly nauseated…

      • Hope you didn’t miss the good part, with the gender reversal – it was ludicrous! :0

  4. Excellent vid. I’ve always hated media advertising and its horrendous messages, I try to ignore it, but we can never fully escape it.. I know I am affected by it despite my best efforts. And I hate what the culture is going to do to my young daughter as she grows up. We’re in the 21st C for goodness sake. The tragedy though is the men and women who, one way or another, allow themselves to be influenced by all this false, illusory nonsense.
    Life is too precious and beautiful to waste trying to be something that we are not, and shouldn’t be.

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