Writing books…

Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing.

– Norman Mailer


born in Long Branch, New Jersey, The United States January 31, 1923
died: November 10, 2007
gender: male
website: http://www.normanmailersociety.com/Welcome.html
genre: Nonfiction, Literature & Fiction, Poetry

Norman Kingsley Mailer was an American novelist, journalist, essayist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, and film director.

Along with Truman Capote, Joan Didion, and Tom Wolfe, Mailer is considered an innovator of creative nonfiction, a genre sometimes called New Journalism, but which covers the essay to the nonfiction novel. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize twice and the National Book Award once.

In 1955, Mailer, together with Ed Fancher and Dan Wolf, first published The Village Voice, which began as an arts- and politics-oriented weekly newspaper initially distributed in Greenwich Village. In 2005, he won the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters from The National Book Foundation.



15 thoughts on “Writing books…

  1. May 4, 1948: Pulitzer Prize-winner Norman Mailer published his first novel, the wartime saga, The Naked and the Dead, 65 years ago today.

  2. Funny, I always thought passing a kidney stone was the closest they came…

    • LOL! I understand that renal colic is more painful than childbirth. šŸ˜†

      • Hmm.. hadn’t heard of that one before – – but I’ve watched two men about pass out from kidney stones and having borne children AND passed kidney stones, I’ll have to say the rewards for childbirth outweigh those for the stones… LOL

      • So which one was more painful?

      • The kidney stones, but not because of the level of pain, per se – they were worse to my mind, because:
        A. It took nearly three days and I could feel it inch along at a snails pace, making it hard to meditate through
        B. There were no breaks in the pain, and by day 2 I was so worn out from the pain, I could scarcely think clearly enough to do deep breathing and meditation
        C. There was no reward of a beautiful being of perfection at the end of the ordeal to snuggle, sing to and stare in wonder at – in other words, nothing at the end to make it all worthwhile other than the blissful ability to sleep, uninterrupted by pain.

        I will say, I did childbirth without any medication and kidney stones with copious amounts of tylenol and ibuprofen (which, I don’t think, did a durn thing, but maybe they did)

        I’d still pick childbirth, any day of the week….

      • Wow, what a nightmare, the stones, I mean! Thanks for the explanation, TamrahJo. šŸ™‚

      • Probably more than you expected! I sometimes cannot help myself…

      • It was great that you took the time, thanks. šŸ˜€

  3. Men have no idea what child bearing is all about, hehehe

  4. what about a woman who writes a book? is this close to passing a kidney stone or child birth?

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