Amnesty International

Dear Ela,

Last year, Kyle was in London for a special event. “The noise, the enthusiasm and kindness of the crowds”, he says, “made the entire thing feel like a 42km outdoor party”.

No, Kyle wasn’t at the Queen’s birthday, or even a royal wedding. He was running the Virgin London Marathon. And for the first time, you can take part in the world’s most prestigious running event with Team Amnesty, raising vital funds for people around the world in need of our support.


Sound like fun? Well watch out — the London Marathon is ragingly popular. To guarantee your spot and avoid the public ballot, you’ll need to join Team Amnesty, and we’ve already filled five of our 10 allocated places. Don’t miss out – submit an expression of interest now!

If a marathon sounds daunting to you, don’t worry. People from all stages and walks of life have run with Team Amnesty before. You’ll have the full support of Amnesty and Inspired Adventures to help you train up and raise your $10,000 by April 2014.


But if London’s a bit far to go, why not take part in something closer to home? You can join us this year at Run Melbourne, Blackmores or City2Surf in Sydney, or any event in your area. Find out more:


Team Amnesty is all about people coming together to make an extraordinary change. Get involved today and you won’t just be committing to a change in your life, but you’ll be helping to make a difference to people around the world who really need it.


See you at the start line,

Amanda Howle
Community Fundraising Coordinator
Amnesty International Australia


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