Release of chimpanzees, 30 years after undergoing experiments


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  1. The joy and the pain of what humans can do. Can you give a little background? Who will care for them, since it’s hard to imagine they can survive on their own?

    • Here is the caption and comment from the Gut Aiderbichl website:
      “Official Opening of the Outdoor Enclosure A unique meeting of our animal sponsors! Politicians, celebrities and Gut Aiderbichl Sponsors celebrated the official opening of the outdoor enclosures for our ex-lab chimpanzees at Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and other Primates in Gänserndorf near Vienna. First impressions of a truly memorable day. New video!”

    wow! this is so nice to see them free but so sad knowing how long they suffered. Yeah I wonder how they can expect for them to survive after being held inside for most of their lives. I just wish people would do more to save animals.

  3. Sometimes, I wish the Planet Ape movie is real.

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