Dear Ela,

Imagine where we could be on Peace Day 2013 if the 280 million people aware of the day in 2012 were to tell just one other person? Just one more person, that’s all it takes. A family member, colleague, classmate or friend; we would be closer than we’ve ever been before to a world united in the name of peace on one day – 21 September.

All it takes is to tell one more person. So who will be your +1?

‘In 2013, over 600 million people will be aware of the day because of people like you’ explains Jude Law in this short film that you can view here.

We are all part of the global peace process. The analysis conducted with the support of McKinsey & Co. found that in 2012, 2% of those aware of Peace Day behaved more peacefully as a result – 5.6 million people. In 2013 over 600 million will be aware of the day; we forecast that 4% of those – over 24 million people – will act more peacefully.

Sharing the message is something we can all do now. Here are a few ideas:

Creating a chain of support is the multiplier effect that will enable the message of Peace Day to spread further around the world, manifesting wide-scale action as never before. So who is your +1, who will you bring together for Peace Day – Who Will You Make Peace With on September 21, 2013?


Campaign Updates

I have recently returned from Mexico and am currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Support in Latin America has been fantastic and continues to grow. Watch this space.


Faith Coalition – 67 organisations and leaders in 83 countries

Last month, lead partner Religions for Peace, together with KAICIID, launched a five-year multi-religious initiative to prevent childhood mortality in Uganda, which will be expanded to five other African countries.


Student Coalition – 328 student bodies active in 92 countries

During my recent trip to Guadalajara, Mexico I spoke at the Tecnológico de Monterrey to over 700 students as part of Coca Cola Mexico’s ‘Possibility Sessions’.


NGO Coalition – 482 NGOs active in 134 countries

I visited an AfroReggae project in the Vigário Geral favela in Rio to see how their work offers the community a creative alternative to violence.


Reducing Domestic Violence’ Coalition – 226 organisations active in 91 countries

A recent report shows that 66% of Mexican women over the age of 15 have experienced physical or emotional abuse at work, home or school. Coalition member, ADIVAC has released its 2013 course of studies providing practical tools for the prevention of violence.


Corporate Coalition – 5 international corporations

On 11th March, Andy Schmidt, the Head of Social Good at Skype, and I took to the stage at SXSW to speak about how Peace One Day and Skype work together to spread the message of Peace Day around the world.


Schools’ Network – 798 schools active in 101 countries

On 24th April, I will travel to Escola Dinamis, a school in Rio, for the 3rd PeaceTalk. This school will be connecting with Burlington High School in Massachusetts, USA via Skype to share stories about peace and learn from one another.




As I am in Brazil here’s a couple of films showcasing the support of Peace Day from Latin America in recent years.

One Day One Dance event in Medellin, Colombia for Peace Day 2012

One Day One Goal Unity Match in a Rio favela between the Borel and Casa Branca communities for Peace Day 2010


Peace Day is everyone’s legacy and we all have a role to play. It’s not just what we can do individually; it’s also what we can do together. So please spread the word and start thinking about how you will mark Peace Day – 21 September.


Who will you make peace with?


Warm regards,


In peace,




Jeremy Gilley 

Founder, Peace One Day 





11 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Yes, peace one day, soon! 🙂

  2. I sure hope so Ela. My question is: how do we make peace for those men who did injustice to the five year old girl? And to the intruder in my blog? God help us.

  3. This is for the people who want to have peace, may not for the ones who don’t want peace.

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    A reason in any season, the time is now.

  5. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

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