Racist Australia

“Australia turned out to be a sensational place. Albeit, one of the most comfortably racist I’ve ever been in.”
That was what British comedian and and news correspondent John Oliver had to say about Australia after a recent visit here.
Oliver has been a regular on US nightly news program The Daily Show since 2006. He is even set to take over Jon Stewart’s hosting duties when the show’s famous figurehead takes time off to direct a movie later this year.
Basically, he’s a pretty big deal. Nominated for numerous Emmy and Writer’s Guild awards, he’s extremely influential and highly regarded among the predominately left-wing and educated Americans who watch the show.
And he thinks Australians are racists.


…Every country has its awful, racist extremists. But those people aren’t racist because they’re American or Australian or English or Kiwi. Those people are racist because they’re just crappy people. And you can find crappy people anywhere.

But what about the casually racist stuff? Does it have to be extreme to give us a bad name? We all know someone who loves to tell an Aboriginal joke, or stereotypes those of Asian heritage like there’s no tomorrow. Are those ‘casually’ racist people also out of line? Are they also to blame for our supposed ‘bad’ reputation?

Maybe it’s not just the extremists who are uncomfortably forcing us all into this ‘comfortably racist’ pigeon-hole.

John Oliver is an intelligent and informed comedian. His comments about Australia were mostly made in jest. But it’s often said that behind every joke, lies a hint of truth.

So what do you think? Are Australians “comfortably racist,” or were John Oliver’s comments totally unfair?

Read more: http://www.mamamia.com.au/news/john-oliver-australia-is-racist/?utm_source=Mamamia.com.au&utm_campaign=c5d7087726-Mamamia_Newsletter&utm_medium=email


11 thoughts on “Racist Australia

  1. Of course racism exists here, as in any other country.

  2. Ofcourse racism exists everywhere.. but I do understand what the comedian was saying by “comfortably racist” Iv been to many countries( currently living in Malaysia) and being an African girl have experienced much racism, but in every country it is different. In Malaysia they are aggressively ignorant and openly hostile towards foreigners showing blatant racism, in some countries the racism gets violent, Yet in Australia the racism is just “there” lol, i dont know how to explain it, but everyone is kind of racist and it feels like it is easily accepted with no hard feelings from anyone. It is a beautiful country though.

  3. I dream of cultures and systems so fair and just that when our mean little streaks show up, we can, quickly, not only laugh at our own imperfections, but laugh when someone else shows their arse in a moment of frustration –

    Oh- how I wish!

    I have not met anyone, ever, who did not have some kind of racist or prejudicial thoughts – one of my best high school friends swore up down she was not prejudiced towards anyone…

    but oh, how she disliked people who were and man, did she have a whole stereotype model to lay right over someone the minute they appeared the least bit prejudiced…



  4. In one form or another, racism do exists every where. You share wonderful articles. Very thought provoking.

    • It does, it is mostly fear of difference. The thing that people forget is that we are all kin, part of the human family.:)
      Some of it is hard to stomach and hard to read. 😦

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