An inquest…


An inquest into the death of a woman in Ireland who was refused an abortion has begun in Galway. Thirty-one-year-old Savita Halappanavar was 17 weeks pregnant and miscarrying when she arrived at the Irish hospital last year. She needed a medical termination to save her life but doctors refused on the basis that Ireland is “a Catholic country”. She died a week later from septicemia. The court heard Ms Halappanavar has already been told her foetus would not survive when she was refused the termination.




15 thoughts on “An inquest…

  1. Hoping justice will be served in order to save lives in the future. For this beautiful woman and her husband and family it is too late. Leave religion out of healthcare and politics – Period.

  2. I so agree with Books & Art.

  3. there must be more to the story.

  4. Maybe they will unite in a just cause?! 🙂

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