Dog & Dolphins


20 thoughts on “Dog & Dolphins

  1. This is especially for all the animal-lovers out there, like Tara’s Auntie Paw. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this on a lovely Monday~ Cheers!! 😀

  3. the dolphins seem to like the dog 🙂

  4. The doggy had a great time 🙂 Thank you, Gita!

  5. Grazie, Gita!

    Loro si avvicinano a noi umani con fiducia.
    Non oso pensare al male che ogni giorno perpetriamo alla Natura e agli Animali!

    A te, con amicizia e tenerezza:

    • What a wonderful video, thank you.
      I’m sorry but I need a translation of your comments, Elisabetta. 🙂

      • Thank you, Gita! They come to humans with absolute trust.
        I dare not think about the evil that we humans (every day) perpetrate against Nature and Animals!

        To you (this cute video), with friendship and tenderness 🙂

  6. Love love love the dog with the dolphins. Looked just like our Eli. Wonderful. 🙂 waggles Tara Auntie Paw

  7. That is most enjoyable watch.

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