We won!


Hi Ela,

We’ve sent you a lot of emails lately. But today we’re not asking you to sign an urgent petition or write an email to your politicians — we just want to share this incredible news: thanks to you, Australia will soon become the second market in the world to commit to fishing responsibly for canned tuna.

That’s right. Because of you we WON our campaign to make big Australian canned tuna brands – including John West, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, IGA and more – end destructive fishing. Congratulations!

At Greenpeace we work on some of the toughest challenges facing the planet. So when we have a breakthrough like this, it’s important we take a moment to reflect on all we’ve achieved together. Read about how we won this campaign, then leave a short message about why the Greenpeace movement is important to you.

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A can of tuna might be small in size, but Australians consume a whopping 250 million a year. The thing is, John West, Coles and other brands don’t actually catch their own fish. Like many brands, they buy from Thai canneries supplied by huge fleets fishing in the Pacific. By shifting the Australian market, we have had a major impact on the way these fleets fish. And that in turn makes a big difference to our oceans and the millions of people in the Pacific who rely on them for food and employment.

None of this happens without consumers demanding change. It’s our collective passion and persistence – including the voices of 50,000 Australians. That finally tipped the balance.

Here’s a basic breakdown of what this win means:
Far fewer endangered sharks, turtles and dolphins will be needlessly killed as ‘bycatch’.
The use of harmful Fish Attracting Devices (floating death traps for fish, sharks and rays) will dramatically decline.
Tuna populations have a better chance to stabilise.
Pacific Island fisheries will have a chance to expand sustainable, locally-owned models.
Ela, this is what Greenpeace is all about. We put a spotlight on corporations and governments that commit environmental crimes, shifting bad policies and practices to make our future green and peaceful. Read about this win, then leave a personal message today about why you’re part of the Greenpeace movement.

Of course we’ll be watching closely to see that these commitments are delivered on, and we’ll continue to work closely with Australian tuna brands so they know exactly where their fish is coming from. But today, let’s celebrate. We should be proud of what we have achieved together for our oceans, for endangered marine life and for sustainable fishing businesses in the Pacific.

Thanks again, from everyone at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

PS. Our work to protect the planet depends entirely on your financial support. If you’re able, please chip in today in support of all our campaigns.

7 thoughts on “We won!

  1. Reblogged this on teachkitchenskillsand more and commented:
    Well it’s about TIme something like this happend

  2. hurrah! a small victory but significant 🙂

  3. Great win, yes! Whopping 250 million (cans) a year?!! I have not had tuna for a decade at least…

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