Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies have innate benefits that can work for a variety
of common ailments from acne to warts. Below are some herbal
treatments for everyday ailments:

Acne – There are a number of conditions that can perpetuate acne,
but the most common causes are hormonal imbalance (such as in
adolescence), stress and some medications. Effective herbal
remedies include:

– Enchinacea – Reduces inflammation and has healing qualities.
– Witch Hazel – Used as a topical astringent.
– Aloe Gel – Topically applied as an antibacterial (and astringent)


Bladder infections – This type of infection occurs when bacteria
enters the urinary tract — generally, in women. Some symptoms
include constant or painful urination. Treat bladder infections
with the following herbal remedies:

– Barberry – Helps the immune system fight infection.
– Cranberry juice – Inhibits bacterial growth by increasing acid in
the urine.

– Dandelion – Detoxifies the bladder.

Indigestion – Some types of food causes this digestive problem when
the body has difficulty breaking them down. Use of cigarettes,
processed foods, and too much coffee or alcohol can also cause
rebellious digestive organs. Some herbal remedies for indigestion

– Turmeric – Helps relieve stomach irritation.

– Peppermint – Soothes the stomach and relieves symptoms such as
– Angelica – Relieves cramping and gas.

Warts – Most warts are caused by viruses such as papillomas and are
simply a common infection of the skin. Effective herbal remedies

– Bloodroot – Can be made into a tincture or paste to remove warts.
– Comfrey – Used as a cream or tonic to treat warts.

– Astragalus – Boosts the immune system.

There are thousands of herbal remedies available to treat a number
of common ailments. Research will provide you with the herbal
formula you need to treat almost any disorder.



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14 thoughts on “Herbal remedies

  1. Worth a try! 🙂

  2. I drink turmeric, ginger, honey tea. It’s delicious for anti-inflammation. Good choices of herbs!

  3. Nature gives us all we need!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Turmeric has an alkaloid called cur-cumin, now a days it is used to treat Alzheimer patients. Indian sub continent has fewer cases of alzheimer than the western world and is due to curries which has turmeric

  5. I also like The Bach Flower Remedies – I was diagnosed as being pre-ulcer and put on a strict diet with tons of prescriptions – I was so unhappy with the absence of fried foods that I was willing to try anything. Found a pamphlet on the Bach Flower Remedies, reviewed ’em, made a tincture and it was gone within four days – never come back! I still check in with the list – sometimes it is exactly what’s needed, other times it is not.

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