6 thoughts on “GUNS

  1. And yet. And yet. It looks as if even the CT gun control bill will fall short of what’s needed. Fear of the gun lobbies has hobbled our lawmakers and turned them into toadies for the NRA.

  2. I started a project last month in which I did a CASUAL search of online news articles and began compiling gun incidents. I was coming up with over 30 a day and this was a CASUAL search! I had to stop. I was becoming so depressed and angry that I just couldn’t make it to the end of the month.
    To those many, many people who defend the “right to bear arms” both vocally and in demonstrative actions, I ask, what about MY right to feel safe FROM guns???? Are thousands of fatal incidents, often carried out by law-abiding gun owners, really OK with you????
    It truly makes me sick.

    • Exactly, it is time for the silent majority to stand up and insist on their right and their children’s right to be safe from gun violence…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  3. I worry that the CT gun control bill migh fall, President Obama is doing his very best…

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