22 Ways to Stop Violence Against Women


1. “No” means No. Not “maybe.” Not “I’m just playing hard to get.” Not “later.” Not anything but NO. This isn’t rocket science so I’m not sure why so many men aren’t getting the message. Start listening to what women are saying not what you want them to be saying. And, if a woman is too drunk, stoned, drugged, or medicated, that means NO too. And, having sex with a woman in that condition is RAPE and a CRIME.

2. Stop supporting movies and television that depict women in subordinate roles and as sex objects. Avoid movies and television that glorify rape and other sexual abuses.

3. Don’t support porn. Not only is the porn industry engaged in violence against women, research in Psychology Today found that people who watch porn are: 1) more likely to be desensitized to violence against women; 2) more likely to blame the victim of rape and violent crimes against women; and 3) more likely to rape a woman.

4. Avoid strip clubs and don’t accept a partner who supports these places. I was reading an article recently that indicated many female strippers are threatened with or subjected to violence and are also often the victims of human trafficking.

5. Stop demeaning the feminine by saying things like “you run like a girl,” “you throw like a girl,” or “he cried like a little girl.” That includes referring to men or boys as “girls” when you are meaning something derogatory. Don’t refer to a woman as a “bitch,” “ho” or “whore.”


Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/22-ways-to-stop-violence-against-women.html#ixzz2Nxr7z7BG


One thought on “22 Ways to Stop Violence Against Women

  1. There are 17 more ways.

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