Can’t see this…


Of all the coal terminals planned for the Great Barrier Reef, Terminal Zero shows just how much contempt coal mining corporations have for Australia’s most precious natural icon.

Right now Indian mining giant Adani is trying to build this monster coal shipping terminal right in the middle of a World Heritage Area. The surrounding area is full of fish and supports a sustainable local fishery. The site is just metres from a beach where for decades sea turtles have come to lay their eggs. We have an opportunity now to stop this terminal being built, but only if we act fast.

Until Tuesday, the federal government is taking public submissions on Terminal Zero. So let’s flood our politicians with thousands of emails right away telling them Australians don’t want Adani’s dirty coal terminal on our Great Barrier Reef.


The amount of infrastructure required for this terminal beggars belief. Destructive dredging ships would scrape three million cubic metres of sediment from the ocean floor, along with the seagrass that dugongs and turtles rely on for food. The leftover dredge spoil would then be dumped inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Hundreds of extra coal ships would travel through a narrow passage to export the coal, greatly increasing the risk of collisions and spillages. Once the coal is burnt, it’ll drive global warming faster than ever before. It’s another monster coal plan with monstrous consequences.

Local fishermen say this development will push fish out of the area, spelling disaster for the fishing industry. As one Bowen fisherman told reporters last week: “It’ll mean a 30% loss of income because of the potential effects on fish stocks.” [1]. They don’t want to see a repeat of what happened to the fishing industry in Gladstone, and neither do we. Making your submission is the first step to getting our government to take action and uphold its promise to protect the Reef.

The mining industry thinks it can get away with reckless developments like this without proper scrutiny. But I’ll say this now: we won’t let them out of our sight as long as they continue to put the Reef, marine life and Australians in danger.

We’re taking our new Rainbow Warrior ship to Bowen soon to shine a spotlight on the campaign to stop this coal terminal. Send your message today and show the communities of Bowen and Abbot Point you stand with them.

Thank you.

Dr Georgina Woods
Climate and energy campaigner
Greenpeace Australia Pacific

PS. Environment Minister Tony Burke is on record saying he won’t approve any new coal developments that cause “unacceptable damage” to the Reef. [2] There is nothing “acceptable” about the damage Terminal Zero would cause. Click here to send your message and hold him to his word.


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  1. I’ve signed, have you?! 🙂

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