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Who will you make peace with? It’s a powerful question. And we have a powerful vision: With your help, we want to reach 600 million people with the message of Peace Day in 2013, and inspire a mass movement towards peace and reconciliation. Peace Day, 21 September, is now only 6 months away.
Peace starts with individuals coming together. Stories of reconciliation and unity connect, inspire and empower us as individuals and communities to work together. If we can make peace with those around us, this message will impact upon the lives of millions worldwide.
Peace One Day Celebration 2013
The Peace Palace in The Hague has been a worldwide beacon of Peace and Justice for 100 years. Peace One Day has been asked to bring its 2013 Peace Day celebration to Peace Palace to mark its centenary, a celebration of our collective efforts to make peace happen.  More info soon.
News from the Peace One Day Coalitions:
• We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Faith Coalition. Together with our lead partner Religions for Peace International, we will see the largest mobilisation of the world’s religious and spiritual communities towards peace and reconciliation.
• In the NGO Coalition alone we already have 459 NGOs active in 133 countries. It’s fantastic that lead partner Interpeace has just announced the official inauguration of a new Peace House, a neutral space for local conflict resolution in the previously violence-afflicted district of Emera, Timor Leste. The first foundation stone of this Peace House was laid in a special ceremony on Peace Day 2012.
• On Women’s Day, Baroness Scotland, lead partner of the ‘Reducing Domestic Violence’ Coalition explained how issues of domestic violence are increasingly being recognised and addressed. We continue to spread the word and generate dialogue on these pressing issues which affect us all. The RDV Coalition has 209 members in 89 countries.
• Our lead partner in the Student Coalition, The European Students’ Union (ESU), recently provided the platform for an historic protocol of cooperation between Armenian and Turkish student groups. The Student Coalition currently has 321 member organisations in 92 countries.
• We are delighted to announce Unilever, Skype, Lotus F1 Team, Innocent Drinks and Ocado as the founding members of Peace One Day’s Corporate Coalition. Discussions with other major corporations are well underway so watch this space for further updates on the world’s leading businesses coming together to institutionalize Peace Day, 21 September.
• Schools’ Network: Due to a soviet-era uranium enrichment plant, Zelenogorsk, Siberia, is a ‘closed town’ requiring visitors to undergo security vetting and an invitation to enter. We used Skype to connect School Number 164 in Zelenogorsk to Brentwood County High School in the UK as part of the PeaceTalks project to share stories and ideas around the theme of Who Will You Make Peace With?
So much is happening around this powerful message. To see how you can become involved, have a look at some of Peace One Day’s initiatives – One Day One GoalOne Day One Dance and Set for Peace.
Thank you again for your continued support.
In peace,

Jeremy Gilley
Founder, Peace One Day


3 thoughts on “PEACE

  1. 6 months to Peace Day – 21 Sept 2013.

  2. I’ll mark this on my Calendar. May I link this site on Blog4Peace.

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