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Dear Ela,This is amazing.

We launched our One Million Reasons campaign and website last week. In just a few days thousands of Australians have signed up to show the world why our beautiful Great Barrier Reef should be kept safe.

These messages are really touching, so we wanted to share a handful of them with you here. Scroll down to read our favourites then click here to write your own reason to save the Reef. 

What’s more, these have been emailed directly to Environment Minister Tony Burke, so he knows that  Australians want our Reef kept safe from the reckless coal industry.

It’s outrageous to think the coal industry lobby is pressuring our politicians to allow damaging dredging and permit thousands of ships to pass straight through the Reef every year. Together our voices are louder. That’s why it’s more important than ever to add your message today.

Thanks for helping out.

– the team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific


One thought on “The GBR

  1. The GBR is a treasure and we need to protect it not only for our enjoyment but also for future generations.

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