A 39-year-old …

A 39-year-old Swiss female tourist has been gang-raped in rural India. She was on a cycling trip with her husband in the Madhya Pradesh state, when 7-8 men attacked the couple. The assailants reportedly tied up the husband, and raped the woman in his presence. This news story is just the most recent account of sexual violence against women to emerge out of India in recent months.




26 thoughts on “A 39-year-old …

  1. So dis heartening this kind of thing and the bright side is that with more and more people expressing their outrage things like this may be minimised or eliminated. Justice is called for and will be served.

  2. Reblogged this on Subh Dasgupta's Blog and commented:
    No fear. No shame. Where is the change?

  3. this behaviour is criminal … the perpetrators must face the full force of the law … and India must understand rape is not acceptable in any circumstances ..

  4. This is the endless repetition of the gruesome crime> a very pathetic face of India

  5. Even one rape anywhere is horrific and deserves just as much attention.

  6. Rape in India has received world-wide attention during the last 6 month or so-not because it happens more frequently there than many other countries, more because of the manner in which they take place. It is difficult to understand the psyche of the perpetrators and there is much evidence that it isn’t just uneducated people that commit the crime, since both police and politicians, amongst others, have been implemented in rape. One can only assume there is a prevailing attitude of disrespect, if not indeed contempt for women in India and there is little hope that harsher laws will change that. There needs to be a change in the mind-set of men, something that can be achieved if respect for women is taught at home from early childhood.
    One must indeed question the mind-set of the eight people who raped the woman from Switzerland. If they thought they would get away with it, –well, you go figure.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful input.
      I think the disrespect for women is the other side of the coin of the adulation of men. Parents everywhere can change this by treating all children, regardless of gender, with equal respect and love from day one.

  7. This is really alarming. Very sad to hear this.

  8. Scarry now.:( We all need to be careful and should have extra careful, as we don’t know that devil’s are just in the corner!:(

  9. ‘Five men in India have admitted gang raping a Swiss tourist who was in the country on a cycling tour with her husband.’


  10. It’s me again. The Bandit Queen is a documentary about this woman who was rape and she rose above it and became a hero.

  11. Rape is one of the ugliest of crimes, and the penalites for a rapist can not be servere enough, either here or India. For it to be a gang effort, clearly displays the fact that singlely they are cowards. I am not normally a vengeful person but rape and child abuse, fall into a category that almost makes revenge an acceptable act. Take care, Bill

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