A companion to the forgotten


34 thoughts on “A companion to the forgotten

  1. Heartwarming, an inspirational man! 😀

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    An angel among us. Thank you to my friend Ela for posting this.

  3. That is one beautiful human being! Heart warming and very inspirational. I was going to ask how he got the money to feed all those people yet I don’t even have to. Thank you for posting and sharing this! I am going to reblog you and I hope that is okay with you and I know in my heart it is.

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    A truly beautiful story and a truly beautiful human being. We need more of this kind of love on our earth.

  5. Thank you Lord for sending him to comfort You. And thank you Ela for sharing.

  6. May I reblog this tomorrow?

  7. Beautiful story of unconditional love and giving. This is Divine Love working through man.

  8. such a simple message, such profound actions, a wise and compassionate man who is not afraid of boundaries is am example to all of us, thank you for sharing

  9. Human kindness is the one thing that can change the world. I love this story! You always share the most uplifting stories. Your blog changes minds and the world, one heart at a time.

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    Can you be a companion for the forgotten? Even for just one person?

  11. That is so moving… Thank you Gita!

  12. I have shared this and will reblog it. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. What a beautiful beautiful man, seeing his love in action puts everything else in perspective. thank you for this inspiring post

  14. Gita, Thank you for once again stopping at my blog and enjoying one of my posts. I appreciate your time. I wish you much success in your endeavors. Take care, Bill

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