Love is a rebel…

Love is a rebellious bird,
that nobody can tame,
and you call him quite in vain,
if it suits him not to come.

– Ludovic Halévy

From Wikipedia


Ludovic Halévy early in his career.
Ludovic Halévy (1 January 1834 – 7 May 1908) was a Jewish author and playwright. His Jewish parents had converted to Christianity prior to his birth, Léon Halévy and Alexandrine Lebas.

Ludovic Halévy was born in Paris. His father, Léon Halévy (1802–1883), was a civil servant and a clever and versatile writer, who tried almost every branch of literature—prose and verse, vaudeville, drama, history—without, however, achieving decisive success in any. His uncle, Fromental Halévy, was a noted composer of opera; hence the double and early connection of Ludovic Halévy with the Parisian stage.


8 thoughts on “Love is a rebel…

  1. The opera Carmen, based on a novella by Prosper Mérimée (Halévy and Henri Meilhac wrote the libretto), debuted in Paris 138 years ago today

  2. Khusro’ darya prem ka, ultee waa ki dhaar,
    jo utra so doob gayaa, jo dooba so paar…


    The river of love flows paradoxically
    one who crosses it drowns and one who drowns crosses it.

  3. Interesting, the parents conversion. On another note, in case you haven’t seen this: and as always big hugs to my girl Tara. And, you and Mats (hubby’s name?) Auntie Paw

  4. I read this and thought, “Carmen!” How wonderful to find the librettist.

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