A student at the University of North Carolina is facing expulsion for ‘intimidating’ her rapist by speaking out about her assault. Landen Gambill has repeatedly told her story of enduring sexual abuse and harassment from her ex-boyfriend, while never publicly identifying him. However, she was called to appear before the university’s ‘Honor Court’ last week, charged with “disruptive or intimidating behavior that willfully abuses, disparages, or otherwise interferes with another”.




17 thoughts on “WHAT THE ….?!

  1. I’m shocked, don’t know what to say,how she can be accused?

  2. I had to read three times to make sure it was her who was charged…

  3. Hmmmmm, doesn’ sound right. I went to the link to read the facts and there was no way to get further info. I wonder what the story is. If she was in fact raped this it is her right to speak out and it would be surprising for the school to expel her, even possibly illegal. Makes one wonder about the facts. Do you know more? Please also know I am not advocating in favor of any rapists. Absolutely NOT! I had to do the sexual assault exams in the second busiest ER in Los Angeles county and was/still am an advocate for women’s rights. Journalism nowadays has gotten too overly sensationalistic for my taste. On a happier note, give my Tara a rubbie from auntie Paw today. 🙂 and, one to you also. 🙂

  4. There it is, this post. I went and looked it up and came back but couldn’t find it. Thank you for this cause I thought I was losing my mind and maybe it wasn’t posted by you. Yeah, it looks like a big BS coverup from the school and if they are so innocent why did they change their policy and hire a big wig attorney? Reminds me of the Church covering up abuses.

    Now off to the important topic: Tara: wag wag wag woof woof woof. Auntie Paw

  5. You are welcome – I was worried for a bit.
    The video was ‘good’: http://abcnews.go.com/US/video/unc-student-faces-expulsion-alleged-rape-18602791
    Tara is full of jumping beans today after her last puppy vaccinations,

  6. Worried? Oh no, nothing to be worried about. I wuv U. Tara: congratulation on this milestone. Now you can go hang with all sorts of other doggies and have so much fun! Jumping beans??? I think we have a cousin here in Bella. She jumps from the deck atop our picnic table. We one found her on top of the kitchen counter. I kid you not. She thinks she’s a cat. 🙂 waggles to ya’ll. Auntie Paw

  7. Do not like this one bit.

  8. yes, like some alternate reality

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