Dog whistling

Yesterday, Coalition spokesperson on immigration, Scott Morrison made some cynical, appalling and patently untrue suggestions about against asylum seekers.

He was joined almost immediately by Senator Eric Abetz who did some even more distasteful dog whistling, in a revolting attempt to rustle up fear, anxiety and hatred.

What’s that smell? Oh that’s right. It’s the smell of an election year. And it’s putrid.


Yesterday, Scott Morrison called for an immediate freeze of the provision of bridging visas for asylum seekers and said that a review was required into the guidelines of how people who arrive in Australia by boat (not in any other way), are released into the community. Mr Morrison said that the freeze should not be lifted until Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor and his department could give the community a clear guarantee that there were “safeguards in place”

Mr Morrison said police and communities should also be alerted when asylum seekers move into their neighbourhoods.


Senator Eric Abetz backed calls from Scott Morrisson that communities be notified when asylum seekers are released from detention centres.

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3 thoughts on “Dog whistling

  1. Deplorable behaviour!

  2. mats lundin

    Elections bring out the worst in politicians!

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