On behalf of Peace One Day, thank you for being part of the movement supporting Peace Day – 21 September.

Because of all our efforts, according to analysis conducted with the support of McKinsey & Company, an estimated 280 million people were aware of Peace Day 2012, with approximately 5.6 million behaving more peacefully as a result. We want to double the number of those aware in 2013. By getting involved, by spreading the word, by taking action on Peace Day, your participation will have a domino effect that will resonate around the world. We have shown that, together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Together we are changing the perception of what is possible.

Peace Day is not only about stopping violence in areas of conflict, it is about addressing the violence in our homes, our schools, places of work and local communities and bringing people together on the day. This is why our theme for Peace Day 2013 is ‘Who Will You Make Peace With?’ Watch this short film to find out more:

By uniting on 21 September, promoting peace and reconciliation, empowering communities and individuals to come together as one, we are making a significant contribution towards the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Help us by doing two simple things:

Raise awareness and build momentum: Share the following link with your networks in the lead-up to Peace Day
Mark the Day: Organise a Peace Day activity to observe the day at home, at work, in school or in your local community. Whatever you do, do it for peace on 21 September. For resources and ideas on how you can get involved, please see The Pocket Book of Peace
The Pocket Book of Peace:

Peace Day is everyone’s legacy. Thank you once again for being a part of this movement. We look forward to hearing about your plans for 21 September 2013.

In peace,


Jeremy Gilley
Founder of Peace One Day



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  1. On my calendar. Pax Tecum.

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