“India’s government, under intense pressure to respond to December’s deadly gang rape of a 23-year-old woman on a Delhi bus, has brought forward a new law with tougher sentences for sexual crimes and a broader range of offences, including stalking and sex trafficking.

But the law doesn’t go nearly far enough; it doesn’t even begin to address the shocking sexism of India’s male-dominated institutions. Meanwhile, a new report details the widespread and horrific sexual abuse of children of both sexes in India, and the government’s failure to prevent and punish it.

This momentum must lead to better laws and tougher enforcement, but those alone won’t be enough. What hope is there of progressive laws when there are so many politicians with criminal, rape and sexual assault charges? Only a comprehensive, long-term public education campaign can force the full “mind-set revolution” needed to end the horrific and ongoing victimisation of women and children.”



25 thoughts on “STOP ABUSE

  1. The Education Option, Avaaz’s forward-looking proposal for making the difference for women in India.

  2. There needs to be far more attention world wide to this, it’s grown to an epidemic more than an issue. Someone has to step up and say ‘Enough!’ 😦

  3. Spread the word! Keep fighting the good fight. The more people who are aware the more people will speak out.

  4. Besides protesting against existing laws and clamoring for justice. It is equally important to provide education to young men to prevent abuse before it begins.

    The Avaaz team has rightly chosen the Education option to cure India’s rape epidemic.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    Curing INDIA’s RAPE EPIDEMIC: The Education Option

  6. Thank you for speaking out!

  7. Thank you for writing this 🙂 . Sharing this on the VFD facebook page. More people should read this.

  8. Women must unite instead of criticizing each other and gossiping. We must have deep bonding with each other.

  9. mats lundin

    Enough is enough – it’s time for a change in gender values.

  10. The problem in India is corruption within the police and the caste system which see all women especially unmarried or widowed at the bottom of society, until society is changed on how women are perceived nothing will change.
    What makes me so angry is the way that some western organisation intervene and makes things worse. For example last year a charity said that women are being raped in Africa because they don’t wear underwear, so the charity asked for womens used underwear….Did anyone think to stop and ask these women in Africa what they wanted, no they degraded these women again by giving them used underwear from ‘the rich of the West’ they don’t want underwear, they want to feel safe.

    • That would make me angry, too!
      What charity was that?

      • Here is a link that tells you the story.
        We send enough of our unwanted crap to Africa I am sure that they don’t want stained and torn knickers. Companies here in the UK who are suppose to and are paid to recycle electrical good including computers, but they are shipped to vast dumps some as big as 3 sq miles,it where shoeless children some as young as 3 seach through the rubbish including hospital waste that should have been disposed of properly, but dumped on the same site but the contractors employed to do so dump it to cut corners and make huge profits. These children are injured every day but because they are street kids no health care for them, they go back looking for things to sell. Abandoned children sleep amounst it all, for some they never wake up.

  11. That is disgusting and so sad! 😦
    Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

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