There are reports out of the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadah today that a 5-year-old girl has been beaten to death by her father, a prominent Muslim cleric. Apparently the cleric, Fayan al-Ghamdi killed his daughter because he questioned her virginity. Unbelievably he has managed to pay around $50,000 in blood money in order to escape a jail term of any significance.

– Mamamia


7 thoughts on “HORROR

  1. And the horror goes on…

  2. I am sitting here, trying to write something, but I just can’t…
    Just can’t…The memory and beautiful face of this innocent child do not deserve the words which come up now against the one who did this…
    I have just lit a small, white, fragranced candle to her memory… And today, I’ll give my own 5 years old little jewel, all the ice-cream and chocolate she’ll ask in this little girl’s memory…
    I’m crying…

  3. i just don’t know what to write

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