I remember when I first got here,

Everything was so strange and different!

Sydney was so cold in July that year

But it must get warmer, of that I was confident.


Bacon and eggs were quite nice

But they sat rather heavy in my tummy.

Oh, how I longed for some curry and rice

Instead of plain meat and boiled veges, yummy!


So, off to Chinatown we went

To get some rice, noodles and chilli.

The scent of Asis pervades, it doesn’t relent,

The flavours get you hungry, especially when you’re chilly!



6 thoughts on “SPICE & FLAVOUR – 1

  1. Why is this titled Racism?

  2. Oh sorry! That’s the previous post. My mistake.

  3. I love “it doesn’t relent.” It’s a good example of how the poetry is reaching where the sun cannot. (Written as we’re getting buried–I really mean buried, as in like an avalanche of snow in this blizzard–in white stuff that will take a looooong time to shovel. Unrelenting, in fact. πŸ™‚ )

    • Yeah, we have been watching the snow/blizzard story yesterday and today. 😦
      Hope it starts improving today.
      Thanks for your visit, Part 2 coming up. πŸ™‚

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